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  • Fotis Evangelou
    K2 v2.6.8 released - what's coming in v2.7.0 & a v3 update!
    K2 version 2.6.8 is now available to download for everyone. This is a maintenance update and it includes performance optimizations & bug fixes. The highlight of this release is the switch to the InnoDB storage engine for new installations of K2. In non-geek terms this means a lot better database read/write performance on websites with high traffic and/or large number of K2 items, comments etc.

    We also have a new downloads page :)
  • Fotis Evangelou
    Takai, the official K2 demo site, now available as a free download
    Nuevvo has just released Takai, the official K2 demo site, as a free Joomla!/K2 template, available for everyone to download and use.

    This new iteration of the demo site has been fully modernized to be responsive, uses multi-color variations (with the option to create yours as well), is built using flexible grids, features cool off-canvas navigation (when on mobile) and uses Nuevvo's awesome no-framework template parameters & standard features.

    Takai is the best starting point for everyone just joining the K2 Community.

    Learn more about Takai and download the template package and the quickstart packages for both Joomla! 2.5 & 3.x at the Nuevvo website at: http://nuevvo.com/joomla-templates/free/takai More...
  • Fotis Evangelou
    Code repository moved to Github
    We have just finished the migration of the K2 code repository from Google Code to Github.

    The new code repo is now located at: https://github.com/joomlaworks/k2

    So why this move to Github you ask? Well, Github will now make it a lot easier for casual developers (and experts of course) to submit code to the K2 code base. Previously this was a very tedious process with Google Code, such that most third-party additions or improvements were essentially completed manually via the bug tracker.

    This also means that bug solving will now be a lot faster and more transparent.

    Finally, since we're moving to a new code repo, you'll notice that http://getk2.org/bugtracker now properly redirects over to the Github "issues" section of the K2 project.

    We also plan to utilize Github's "wiki" features to gradually have a proper and up-to-date documentation on the latest K2 code base.

    Happy coding! More...
  • Fotis Evangelou
    K2 v2.6.7 released - Akismet integrated, new ACL option, improved PHP 5.4 support
    Today we're releasing K2 version 2.6.7, a maintenance update which adds minor improvements to anti-spam security and frontend ACL, while resolving the first ever VEL report for K2.
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